STORYLINE: The Marquess of Waterford was a prankster with an aristocratic disregard for the law. Together with his merry gang of drunken hooligans, he terrorized the sweet young ladies of New London. It started with simple jump-scares from behind a bush or darkened alley, and grew into elaborate costumes and clever contraptions that gave him seemingly supernatural abilities. But with all his hilarious tabloid fame came a dark side, -- a deadly imitator. What had been fun and games was now dripping in blood. He was Public Enemy Number One. Of course he couldn't go to the police for help, they were chasing him as he leapt buildings! No, this was his problem to solve. Could he discover the true serial killer's identity before he was unmasked as the Marquess of Waterford and framed for the numerous grisly murders?
EVENT: Engine Room
Designers shown:
toksik,Aii,Skellybones,Dreamcatcher,TF,TABLEAU VIVANT,Raven Bell,[3M],VARONIS,Devin Vaughn,Engine Room,
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