STORYLINE: The younger brother of the Marquess of Waterford, Lord Berksford, was throughly obsessed with automatons. He studied the masters and tinkered endlessly in his workshop. The result of all his work? In true scandalous fashion, (his big brother would be proud), he debuted The Robotic Burlesque to much fanfair. The show was the talk of the town. Berksford tolled not for fame, but for his own amusement. Sure his brother every now and then came with special requests, but it seemed innocent to him and he liked the challenge as much as the revenue. I mean what Gent wouldn't want giant spider legs to leap over tall buildings, right? When the police busted down his door and arrested Berksford for the Spring Heeled Jack Murders,  ... he was completely surprised.

Event: Engine Room

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[LANEVO], Gabriel, AsteroidBox, hotdog, barberyumyum, IKON, K&S, Roosters n cHix, BareRose, Overt, LeLUTKA, TheShops, What's Lost Spirits, The Looking Glass, T-3D CREATIONS, DEATH ROW, +SEKAI+, Devin Vaughn, Engine Room,

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