STORYLINE: Red embers drifted upwards in the smoke choked red sky above the hidden Canyon of Khol Dracys. Above the sound of the roaring wildfire, a bellowing screech suddenly echoed off the rocky cliffs. A terrifying sound not heard in over a thousand years. Villagers huddled tightly together in the town's central circle. A man towering over them on the village's sacred stone of the dead, shouted "Behold a dragon born of fire and ash!" He was dressed in the royal colors of House Targaryen. The villagers looked nervously at the eerie red flames consuming their homes, and then at strange animated bones of the long dead dragon, before returning to their unwelcome visitor who most certainly dug up the bones of the dragon their ancestors had slayed a millennia ago. What witchcraft was this? More importantly, how does one defeat something already dead? The mad Targaryen began to dance wildly to a tune only he heard, "Fire cannot kill a Dragon!" he said, and then repeated it many times. "Fire cannot kill a Dragon!"
EVENT: Fantasy Faire 2021
Designers shown: R3D, REKT, NOIR, RavenBell, Lovely Disarray, LeLUTKA, TheShops, sakupose+, Prehistorica, Fallen Gods, Del-ka Aedilis, {anc}, FelixvonKotwitz, Jumbo Core, Devin Vaughn
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