Photo VR Rules

Photo VR Rules: We have a few basic rules to make the site more enjoyable for all members.

Last Updated: 09.06.2021

  1. This is a virtual photography network so no real life photos please.
  2. When uploading images you can upload as many as you want but not of the same type aka no color variations, Choose your highest quality image and share that.
  3. Make make sure when uploading an image that it is your best image not one of 60 variations which will be treated as spam and deleted.
  4. Virtual Branding Category is for your store logo, aka second life business logo's only! for example!
  5. Please respect your fellow members of the site.
  6. No Childs Play, Pedophilia type images not-permitted on the site, doing so will get the offending account termanated and reported.
  7. To keep the site family friendly please check the "Not Safe for Work" NSFW check box when uploading if an image is virtually nude no pun.
  8. This site allows virtual artistic nude photos not porn, any photos showing body parts that are considered naked need the NSFW, check box when you upload.
  9. Designer Ad boards please use the Virtual Designer Category when uploading, if you have 40 outfits of the same outfit, pick your best photo to represent your best work. Don't upload all of them.
  10. Site rules will be adjusted and tweaked as this site grows, feel free to check back offen.
  11. If you have questions please contact Athayus Quan or use the Contact Us link on the top right about drop down menu.
  12. No RL Advertising or RL Spam with out permission accounts that register for spam that are not virtual designer ads will be deleted on sight.
  13. Most of all be creative and have fun